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Partial Hospitalization in Montana

In Montana, there are many different treatment methods that focus on helping people who have substance abuse disorders. The goal of these treatment programs are to rehabilitate addicted individuals living in Montana, and transition them back into society, free of drugs. This treatment method is similar to outpatient treatment, where the patients are able to live outside of the facility, while still receiving the benefits of treatment.

What is partial hospitalization in Montana?

Partial hospitalization in Montana is one treatment method for people with substance use disorders. The treatment is typically held at a center, but still allows for patients to reside outside of the facility. This enables patients to continue with their everyday obligations, such as work or school, while still doing through treatment. It also includes detoxification and relapse prevention, as well as participation in 12-step programs such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous.

This form of treatment consists of highly structured therapeutic environments, and has appropriate staff to patient ratios. These ratios allow for staff members, such as therapists and technicians, to be on constant standby in case a patient has any difficulty during their recovery process. Should it be necessary, nursing is available, along with individual, group and family therapy. Management of medication is an important part of this treatment, in order to further promote relapse prevention.

Ideal patients for this treatment

Depending on the type of addiction, partial hospitalization in Montana may be a more suitable choice for an individual, as it offers therapeutic environments, along with independent living. A patient will be able to continue to build the necessary skills for their transition back into society. Individuals who undergo inpatient treatment, may also be able to recover from their substance use disorder by attending partial hospitalization in Montana.

Alternatively, this form of treatment is ideal for people who wish to take a step down from inpatient treatment and continue their recovery. It allows patients to receive frequent treatments which are more intensive than outpatient programs, and therefore, more successful. The cost of partial hospitalization in Montana can be more affordable and more available, depending on the individual’s health insurance.

The goal of treatment

The main goal of any form of treatment, is for patients to recover from their substance addiction. Partial hospitalization in Montana achieves this by assisting patients in remaining abstinent from the use of drugs or alcohol, managing psychiatric disorders that co-exist with substance abuse, and structuring supportive environments around them for the duration of the recovery process through treatments such as the 12-step program.

What the program consists of

During the first twenty-four hours of treatment, a patient will typically be diagnosed and have a multidisciplinary bio-psychological evaluation performed; this includes a drug and alcohol screening process. A recovery plan is developed following the evaluation. This plan consists of strengths, needs, measurable goals, treatment and recovery programs, as well as relapse prevention techniques. The recovery plan is reviewed every three to four days, and is updated as needed.

A consultation is done to identify a patient’s requirements, such as psychological, pharmaceutical and dietary needs, depending on whether meals are served during treatment. Therapeutic environments and services are available to all patients, groups and families. On-site nursing is also available, should medically assisted services be required. Social and recreational services are available to patients alongside face-to-face sessions with psychiatrists.

Do not attempt to go through rehabilitation alone. There are many support structures and treatment centers that all want to help you in your recovery. Partial hospitalization in Montana successfully treats countless patients each year. If you or someone you know would benefit from this form of treatment, reach out to qualified addiction treatment centers in Montana today for help.