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Alternative Treatment in Montana

Addiction can have several causes that are unique to each individual based on genetics, environment and upbringing, among many other factors. As a result, addiction is a complex mental disease that often requires a unique approach to each situation; what works for one person may not work for another. Alternative treatment options in Montana are available that approach addiction in a variety of different ways.

What is meant by alternative treatment in Montana?

The most commonly used addiction-treatment methods involve various cognitive-behavioral techniques that aim to change behavior and thinking, or build motivation for self-change in the patient. There are many ways to approach a complex disease such as addiction or substance use disorder that do not fall into 12-step program methods. Alternative treatment in Montana refers to methods of treating addiction, using a variation of techniques to achieve the same results. This form of treatment can be beneficial for people who have undergone traumatic experience that they find difficult to talk about.

There are many alternative treatments in Montana for dealing with substance use disorders, including the use of animals, art, music and eastern methods that can be successful in creating long-term recovery from addiction.

The following lists a number of these alternative methods that are used in areas around America, including in the state of Montana. Many of the programs can be used in conjunction with traditional treatment programs.

Art therapy

Art therapy is a program that uses the expressiveness and creativity involved in doing art projects to help an individual heal in a productive way. The programs can include art projects, such as acting, poetry, dancing, sculpting and painting. These aims to build self-confidence, as well as create new methods of expression.

Music therapy

Music therapy is an evidence-based approach that use music to treat addiction, by creating individual goals inside of the therapeutic relationship. Music can alter a person’s feelings, and help them to manage physical, behavioral and emotional problems. There are various ways that the program achieves this, such as by having the person sing, dance or simply listening to music with calming properties.

Restorative yoga

This approach uses the benefits of yoga to help people with the various issues that surround their addiction and subsequent recovery. It achieves this in a similar way as meditation does; it helps to calm the mind, improve concentration, reduce cravings and help a person to sleep better.

Equine therapy

The alternative treatment method known as equine therapy incorporates the use of horses in a therapeutic setting. For people who struggle with motivation or who have misguided priorities, it can help them to grow emotionally, as well as benefit their personal development. This form of therapy has been successful in cases where other treatment methods have failed.


Also known as EEG biofeedback, this method is an integrated medical treatment that uses a biofeedback machine in order to positively change a person’s brainwave function. These devices are called electroencephalographs, which can display an individual’s brain activity in real time and allow them to train themselves through given techniques in order to stabilize their brain’s activity.


This Eastern method of treatment is a safe way to deal with the many symptoms of withdrawal. It works by reducing cravings, improving sleep patterns, bringing about a state of relaxation and stimulating the natural release of endorphins, which can boost the immune system and reduce stress. This treatment approach is approved by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, as it has been shown to lead to significant improvements.

With the several different alternative treatment methods in Montana available to treat substance use disorder, there is at least one effective option for everyone. Reach out to addiction treatment centers in Montana today and find the help that you or your loved one needs to begin the road to recovery.