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Faith Based/Christian Treatment Programs in Montana

An addiction effects many aspects of a person’s life, and when an individual has a strong belief in God, they may feel disappointed that a problem as serious as addiction can occur. Through faith-based/Christian treatment programs in Montana, the relationship and faith in God can be strengthened and used as support system to beat an addiction.

What are faith-based/Christian treatment programs in Montana?

Montana faith-based/Christian treatment programs is an approach that focuses on the spiritual side of the healing process. The addiction is seen as a result of spiritual emptiness, and is used as an effort to compensate for it. The programs teach patients to create a functioning spiritual foundation to beat alcohol and drug abuse. The rehab centers tend to provide the same treatment as non-religious methods, while providing the best possible chance for a full recovery. They also believe that the relationship the patient has with God, as an important part of the healing process.

Who would benefit from faith-based/Christian treatment programs in Montana?

If a person feels uncomfortable with religion, then they will likely prefer to be treated in a non-religious way to focus on the treatment and therapy. A spiritual person will benefit more from a religious based treatment, due to the support that they would receive from the other members and the structure of the program. A support system is a crucial part of the long-term recovery of someone who is addicted to alcohol or drugs.

How faith-based/Christian treatment programs in Montana work

Each rehab facility will have a different approach to faith-based/Christian treatment programs in Montana, but the majority of faith-based treatment is centered on the combination of traditional therapy and religious teachings. A combination of the two approaches can make the overall individual’s recovery very effective. One of the favored treatment methods, is the 12-step program, which is able to treat people over the short and long-term. While attending a religious treatment program, a person can expect the following:

∙         They will receive education on the various spiritual principals that can help them to change their behavior and thinking.

∙         The relationship between the recovering person and a higher power can be developed and strengthened, which can become a platform for support in times of need.

∙         Prayer and meditation is encouraged, and people will participate in religious studies in order to receive the benefits that it offers. Prayer and meditation is an excellent way to deal with the stress and anxiety that can trigger substance abuse.

∙         Education about drug and alcohol addiction is an important part of treatment, as it helps people to understand what is really happening to them when they abuse substances. Education is a key part of recovery, as well as future relapse prevention.

∙         Drug and alcohol abuse counseling will be given in order to talk specifically with an individual to understand and work through their personal needs. What works for one person may not work for another, therefore a personalized treatment approach is beneficial.

∙         Assistance will be given to a patient during their detoxification from the particular substance they were addicted to. This can come in the form of medication that is given in order to reduce certain symptoms, reduce the length of the withdrawal process, and to prevent future relapse. Furthermore, the withdrawal process is monitored which greatly reduces the risk of relapse during withdrawal.

∙         Group therapy is given where religious studies can be conducted as a group, offering support to one another. Sharing feelings and thoughts in a group setting can help to build personal motivation for change and confidence in one self.


Addiction is a disease that no one should face on their own. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, reach out to a qualified addiction specialist today to learn more about the faith-based/Christian treatment programs in Montana available.